Frequently Asked Questions

All frequently asked questions can be found here. If your question is not listed, please feel free to fill out the general enquiry box and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why is investing better than saving with banks?

Banks used to be the ideal and the best way of saving your money at the times when there weren’t many alternative and better investment opportunities available publicly on the market, however over the years this has changed. Due to various reasons banks are no longer able to offer high returns of interest but the property investment market certainly can. With one of the reasons being due to the UK’s current housing crisis and brilliant capital appreciation making prices double within a short period.

What is the process of exchange?

Once you have reserved your property, the process of exchange will take place. This is the procedure whereby it is legally ensured that the property comes under your ownership. The process includes solicitors to carry out all necessary checks to ensure that you are buying the right property whilst you sit back and relax making investing easier for you.

How is my rental yield secure?

Most developments offer guaranteed returns for a certain amount of years however if this is not the case this is usually because the project is in a prime location which assures the rental projections are materially accurate therefore there is no need for guaranteed returns. In such cases, sometimes the guaranteed returns are not the best option as they could potentially undermine your real and possible returns.

What are the tax advantages to invest in the UK property?

There are many tax advantages when investing in the UK for most non-residents as well as UK residents for following types of tax benefits;

  • Income Tax
  • Withholding Tax
  • VAT
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax

Different individuals are subject to different taxes depending upon their circumstances, please contact us for more information to your circumstances and we should be able to help and assist.

Are my funds secure before the completed property gets transferred to my name?

The UK has a very transparent legal system with our reliable Solicitors that must follow the laws of the Solicitors Regulations Authority (SRA) which is a government organization created purely to protect citizens when using lawyers. When using a solicitor before the exchange happens all client’s funds are kept safe in the solicitor’s client trust account which means no one not even the solicitor can move your funds unless you say so.

How could I carry out due diligence whilst abroad?

Easy. We have the abilities to carry out the due diligence for you. We do all necessary background checks on the projects and developer and only offer 100% secure investments as we strongly believe that your safety is important when investing.

What’s the exit strategy, and how can I exercise it?

Many investments have a secure exit strategy meaning after a certain amount of years the developer is willing to either help you to sell your investment or buy the investment back off you for an agreed amount usually more than what you originally bought it for. Exit strategies are more commonly offered on commercial developments due to the re-sell being slightly harder than residential developments. Majority of times there is no exit strategy given on residential being because there is a huge secondary market for these types of properties with an extremely easy re-sell therefore an exit strategy is not required.

Who will be my point of contact both at the management companies and subsequently with the developers?

Investkins can and will be your point of contact between yourself and the developers. Any queries can be answered as we have direct communications with management companies and property developers who we work incredibly close with.

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